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For more than 50 years, SWANA has been the leading source of information and education throughout North America for facility owners and operators, industry consultants and policy-makers. SWANA has trained and educated thousands of solid waste professionals in industry best practices and tomorrow’s emerging technologies. The SWANA Ontario Chapter upholds the legacy of SWANA and regularly hosts training sessions, offering  the following training and seminars in 2018: 

TBD – Guelph                           Fire Safety at Waste Facilities
Nov. 12-13- Chatham-Kent       Landfill Operations Basics 
Oct. 15-18   Mississauga          Manager of Landfill Operations ( MOLO)
Nov date TBA Toronto              Management Skills for Waste Professionals Seminar Series  


Landfill Operations Basics- * New Canadian Edition
This two day course covers the role of the landfill as a component of an integrated solid waste management system.  
Training will include the key functions and associated processes within landfill operations. The basics of landfill gas and leachate management and groundwater monitoring will be covered. Students will learn the essentials of equipment selection, cell construction and litter management along with the fundamentals of accident prevention.

Managing Transfer Station Systems- * New Canadian Edition

The Transfer Station Management course addresses factors in planning, design, operation and management of a transfer station. You will learn how a well-planned, designed and operated transfer station provides advantages and flexibility to a waste management system. Discussion of how effective communication with the public and regulators helps mitigate challenges in planning and operating a transfer station, and how planning and design affect construction and operation.

Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO)- * New Canadian Edition
The SWANA “Manager of Landfill Operations” course teaches students how to properly plan, permit, operate, and close a modern sanitary landfill. Issues covered include regulatory requirements, compliance with design and operating standards, waste receiving, operational and safety techniques, and landfill economics as well as environmental monitoring and control of landfill gas, leachate and surface runoff.

Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems  – 
Solid waste professionals in or hoping to move into a managerial position can help advance their career in leadership roles and responsibilities for multi-component solid waste systems. This is a helpful prep course for the MSW Systems Management Certification exam.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility Operation
The SWANA Household Hazardous Waste Facility Operation course teaches how to identify and avoid chemical, operational, fire and health hazards, and how to provide proper protection. Issues reviewed include regulatory matters, types of potential emergencies, and appropriate response plans. Operators will learn how to receive, store, label, pack, transport, dispose and monitor hazardous materials.
 Collections Operations Basics 
This course serves as an introduction to the basics of collecting municipal solid waste and integrated solid waste management and will benefit collection personnel, front line employees, supervisors, managers, and elected officials who have responsibility for the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste.

Managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Collection Systems
Be able to collect waste with haste through this prep course for the Collection Systems Certification exam. Students receive instruction in different areas of the collection system such as an understanding of the logistics of planning, managing and operating solid waste and recyclables collection services, including residential MSW, traditional recyclables, yard wastes, bulky items and commercial wastes.
Managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Systems
The Managing MSW Recycling Systems Certification course presents a comprehensive look at the many aspects of “recycling”. Starting with the planning and evaluation of a recycling system, it then looks at the first two R’s, Reduce and Reuse. The operational aspects of the course include detailed looks at Collection, Processing and Marketing.

Managing Composting Systems
In this prep course for the Composting Certification exam, issued jointly by SWANA and the Canadian Composting Council, professionals who manage or would like to manage composting programs will be exposed to the various opportunities for composting municipal, agricultural and industrial waste. Students will be able to turn your program into a successful and cost effective operation by gaining an understanding in both the composting of materials and the full range of technologies involved in planning, designing and operating.